Waterborne Alkyd Emulsion Primer (Resydrol) (Formulation #3.1.2) 



Waterborne Alkyd Emulsion Primer (Resydrol) (Formulation #3.1.2) is a guideline formulation for general industrial applications. Resydrol 4333 is a water-thinnable modified alkyd emulsion neutralised by ammonia and containing a small amount of cosolvent (2.5 wt.-% on total formulation). Borchigel L 75, a diurethane thickening agent, is needed to stabilise the viscosity during storage. The combination of SHIELDEX® anti-corrosive pigments with Alcophor 827 leads to synergistic effects in the corrosion resistance of the primer.



GRACE Davison is a division of W.R. Grace & Co., a world leader in specialty chemicals, with specialization in silica and silica alumina technology. Grace Davison silica products have successfully been used for many years as performance enhancing additives for diverse Coatings applications, ranging from industrial coil and wood coatings applications to high quality architectural coatings.

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