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1- Or 2-Component Wash Primer (Formulation #4.1.1)

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1- Or 2-Component Wash Primer (Formulation #4.1.1) is a guideline formulation used to exhibit the equivalent performance for SHIELDEX® anti-corrosive pigments compared to a commercial wash primer based on zinc tetroxychromate. The modified epoxy resin Beckopox EM 460 is recommended in combination with the standard polyvinylbutyral resin Mowital B 30 H to ensure good wet adhesion properties. Silquest A 187 Silane promotes wet adhesion properties especially on galvanised steel and aluminium.

The formulation can also be used as a one-component system. In this case, Part B is premixed and subsequently added to part A after dispersion. After mixing the two components and letting these prereact for a minimum of 30 minutes, the formulation was tested on solvent degreased cold rolled steel, galvanised steel and aluminium substrates applied to a dry film thickness of 10 – 15 microns by bar coater. The formulation was also tested with a 40 micron acrylic/isocyanate top coat.


GRACE Davison is a division of W.R. Grace & Co., a world leader in specialty chemicals, with specialization in silica and silica alumina technology. Grace Davison silica products have successfully been used for many years as performance enhancing additives for diverse Coatings applications, ranging from industrial coil and wood coatings applications to high quality architectural coatings.

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