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Water-borne Styrene-Acrylic Primer (Acronal) (Formulation #3.4)

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Water-borne Styrene-Acrylic Primer (Acronal) (Formulation #3.4) is a guideline formulation for general industrial applications. Acronal S760 is a self cross-linking styrene-acrylic dispersion which can be cured at room temperature by the addition of acid catalysts. Pre-neutralisation of Cycat 500 and phosphoric acid with AMP 95 and ammonia is necessary to ensure paint stability. The addition of AMP 95 also helps to heat stabilise the paint during milling. Higher PVC-values reduce the salt spray performance, and values around 20 to 30 vol.-% are suggested. Alternative fillers such as talcs, calcium carbonates (Millicarb B from Omya) or dolomites (Microdol extra from Norwegian Talcs) or combinations thereof can be used satisfactorily.


GRACE Davison is a division of W.R. Grace & Co., a world leader in specialty chemicals, with specialization in silica and silica alumina technology. Grace Davison silica products have successfully been used for many years as performance enhancing additives for diverse Coatings applications, ranging from industrial coil and wood coatings applications to high quality architectural coatings.

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