CGS 150 Fluidised Bed Jet Mill 

The CONDUX CGS Fluidised Bed Jet Mill makes it possible to achieve finenesses ranging from d97 2 µm to d97 70 µm. The adjustment of the desired fineness is carried out by a dynamic air classifier integrated into the housing. In comparison to a mechanically operating classifier mill, the milling energy of the CGS is created by a high velocity gas stream.



Custom Processing Services, Inc. (CPS) is a contract manufacturing service provider that offers particle size reduction services such as custom coarse grinding (impact crushing, grinding, and pulverizing), micronizing (ultra-fine particle size), and media milling (nano-particle size). Blending services can accommodate up to 10-ton batches, and dryer capabilities can dry to less than 0.5% moisture.


Custom Processing Services, Inc. makes their documentation available in the regions indicated below:


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