3M™ Glass Bubbles K20 

3M™ Glass Bubbles K20 have a density of 0.2 g/cc and an isostatic crush strength of 500 psi. 3M™ Glass Bubbles are engineered hollow glass microspheres that are alternatives to conventional fillers and additives such as silicas, calcium carbonate, talc, clay, etc., for many demanding applications. These low-density particles are used in a wide range of industries to reduce part weight, lower costs and enhance product properties.

The unique spherical shape of 3M glass bubbles offers a number of important benefits, including: higher filler loading, lower viscosity/improved flow and reduced shrinkage and warpage. It also helps the 3M glass bubbles blend readily into compounds and makes them adaptable to a variety of production processes including spraying, casting and molding.



3M Advanced Materials manufactures additives and polymers used in Paint and Coatings. This company specializes in lightweight products that are weather-resistant, chemical-resistant, eliminate die buildup, and improves productivity. 3M Advanced Materials product range includes 3M™ Ceramic Microspheres W-210, 3M™ Glass Bubbles K20, 3M™ Stain Resistant Additive SRC-220, etc.

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