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Doublecure® 200

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Doublecure® 200 is a liquid-type non-yellowing photosensitizer. Good solvency proprieties make it ideal for making photoinitiator blends. It is the initiator of choice for coating on wood, metal and plastic as well as UV-cured adhesives where non-yellowing properties are important. This product, when irradiating with UV light, undergoes both of a homolytic and intramolecular type of breakage to generate a pair of free radicals and a bimolecular hydrogen abstraction reaction to initiate the polymerization of UV curable systems.

Its photospeed acting as a photoinitiator is not as fast as Doublecure® 173 for example, but it gives better non-yellowing performance and better surface curing. This product is a light yellow and clear liquid.


Double Bond Chemical Ind., Co., Ltd. (DBC) specializes in Coatings additives such as antioxidants, UV absorbers, light stabilizers, heat stabilizers, flame retardants, dispersing agents, and brighteners, as well as UV curable products such as oligomers and monomers. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, DBC has six manufacturing sites, 200 reactors, and over 400 experienced employees ready to serve your needs.

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