Efka® PB 2001 

Efka® PB 2001 (formerly Perenol® E 1) is a silicone-free defoamer for non-aqueous coatings, printing inks, and especially for high viscous coatings based on 2-pack epoxy, unsaturated polyester, and PUR systems. It is a solution of vinyl polymer in organic solvents. Efka® PB 2001 is used in nitrocellulose lacquers, particularly those applied on curtain coaters, 1- or 2-component acid curing wood coatings, particularly fast drying types applied on curtain coaters, acrylic resin finishes, air drying epoxy resin paints and unsaturated polyester.

The paint industry uses defoamers to ensure that air bubbles occurring during application of lacquers and paints can escape from the film while still wet. The formation of craters is thus substantially eliminated. One must differentiate between: bubbles which originate from the substrate (wood and paper are typical examples), and bubbles which may be generated in the paint by pumping, rolling, airless spraying or curtain coating.



BASF, Dispersions & Pigments Division, Formulation Additives offers a strong portfolio of industry-leading formulation additives for Paint and Coatings to help deliver eco-efficient solutions that meet performance requirements. The BASF portfolio encompasses a technology base of dispersing agents, wetting agents and surface modifiers, defoamers, rheology modifiers and film forming agents.

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