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Special-Primer PP 5130 (5% In Xylene)

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Special-Primer PP 5130 (5% In Xylene) is an adhesion promoter developed especially for polypropylene. This grade has a non-volatile content of 5.0% ± 0.3 and is delivered in 5% xylene. Special-Primer PP 5130 is compatible with low viscosity grades of chlorinated rubber and some vinyl copolymer resins. It is only soluble in aromatics and chlorinated hydrocarbons. There is limited solubility in aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Special-Primer PP 5130 is suitable to solve adhesion problems with untreated or with talc filled polypropylene. After treatment with PP 5130 the polypropylene can be painted, printed, glued or labelled like any other substrate.


Worlée-Chemie G.m.b.H. is a developer and manufacturer that provides chemical raw materials for the Paint and Coatings industry. This company focuses on supplying products that are resource-preserving and environmentally friendly. They also combine their experience with technology to create ingredients that include BLACK PEARS® 2000, EMPEROR® 1800, Dow Corning 502W Additive, K-Sperse 504, and more.

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