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NECOWEL™ FLE 55 M is a 55 % emulsion of NECOWEL™ FLE in water containing an APEO free emulsifier system. It is especially suited to formulate water-repellent impregnations as well as for treatment of wood and stone. This product does not contain any driers and therefore cobalt free or cobalt driers can be used. Impregnations and varnishes based on NECOWEL™ FLE 55 M show very good weather resistance, outstanding wetting and penetration properties as well as non-film-forming properties in case of absorbing substrates like wood and stone. Therefore it exhibits an excellent natural wood and stone color intensification.


ASK Chemicals manufactures raw materials such as resins and niche solutions for the Paint and Coatings Industry. This company specializes in creating flexible, fast drying, weather and yellow resistant phenolic resins, alkyd resin emulsions, and alkyd resins to be applied in construction chemicals, coating materials, woods, and metals. ASK Chemicals product range includes NECOWEL™ 2275, NECOWEL™ FLE, etc.

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