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Alkyd Resins

Alkyd is a polyester resin used in some paints, resins, and clear coatings to form a film. It is synthetic polyester, which the addition of fatty acids and oils modifies. The word alkyd is a combination of “alcohol” and “acid.” Alkyds stem from a polymerization reaction between an alcohol and an acid or anhydride. The addition of unsaturated oil to the ester-forming compounds creates branched polyester with fatty-acid side groups, otherwise known as alkyd.  Read More
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RESYDROL® VAY 6278w/45WA Allnex Resydrol® VAY 6278W/45WA is an oxidatively drying, ammonia neutralized acrylic alkyd hybrid in aqueous emulsion form. It can be used as a sole binder for decorative paints, wood stains and for industrial applications. Request Sample