LYCASIN® 80/55 Maltitol Syrup 

LYCASIN® 80/55 Maltitol Syrup is a colourless syrup that serves as a sugar substitute. It is 80% as sweet as sucrose and contains 55% maltitol. This product is non-crystallizable, thermally stable, and non-cariogenic. Its sweet flavour and sucrose-like physicochemical properties make it ideal for an array of applications, including confectioneries, chewing gum, chocolates, cereal bars, biscuits, pastries, and ice cream.


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Roquette is a leading producer of starch ingredients used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. With an array of wheat, corn, potato, and pea starches and starch derivatives, its lineup of high quality ingredients deliver solutions for various product needs such as acidity regulation, anticrystallisation, binding, calorie and fat reduction, colouring, emulsification, and fibre enrichment.

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