CAVAMAX® W6 is standard grade alpha-cyclodextrin, which is produced by WACKER FINE CHEMICALS, a division of Wacker Chemie AG. CAVAMAX® W6 with 6 glucose units has the smallest cavity of the parent cyclodextrins.  It is useful for solubilizing, stabilizing or delivering small molecules; e.g. low molecular weight, flavor or fragrance compounds.


Wacker Chemie AG offers many food grade cyclodetrins, cysteins, polyvinyl acetates, pyrogenic silicas and silicone emulsions for the Food and Beverage Industry. WACKER focuses primarily on the beverages, chewing gum, dairy products, food supplements and savory flavors market segments with a range of innovative solutions; including antifoaming, masking, and stabilizing agents and vegetarian meat flavorings.

Wacker Chemical Corporation

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