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4-Vinyl Guaiacol Natural 5% in P.G.

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4-Vinyl Guaiacol Natural 5% in P.G. is a vinylphenol, a type of pyranoanthocyanin, diluted in a propylene glycol solution as a solvent. It is produced by enzymatic decarboxylation of the grape compound ferulic acid by certain strains of S. cerevisiae. Vinylphenols can then spontaneously condensate with grape anthocyanins to form pigments important for the color of ageing wine. 4-Vinylguaiacol is also found in beers and is responsible for a pungent clove-like aroma.


Penta Manufacturing Company is one of the industry's best producer of chemical innovations and applications. Their years of experience have assisted them to further technology along to advance the applications in the chemical processing, fragrance, coloring and flavoring fields.

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