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I-MUL PGO 31 is a non-GMO triglycerol oleate that functions as a lubricant, defoaming enhancer, emulsifier, crystallization inhibitor, texturizer, solubilizer and stabilizer. I-MUL PGO 31 is often used in applications such as baked goods, coffee creamer, whipped toppings and shortenings.


Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of emulsifiers, antifoams, and esters used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company has a lot of experience in food processing and foam control, and it utilizes advanced technology to create foam control agents, glycerol esters & polyglycerol esters, and more. Key offerings include I-MUL GMO 40, T-I 20, and XFO-20S.

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