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Sethness DS400 Caramel Color Class IV – E150D

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Sethness DS400 Caramel Color Class IV – E150D is the dark brown liquid or solid material resulting from the carefully controlled heat treatment of food-grade carbohydrates. Certain foodgrade acids, alkalis and salts may be employed to assist caramelization. This product is GRAS (21 CFR 182.1235). Certain food-grade acids, alkalis and salts may be employed to assist caramelization. DS400 is a liquid caramel color.

Class IV Caramel Colors are produced from carbohydrates that are heated in the presence of both sulfite and ammonium compounds, and carry a negative ionic charge. Class IV Caramel Colors are the most widely produced Caramel Colors, and are commonly found in colas. It differs from the other caramelized sugar syrups by having a moisture of 49g/ 100g


Sethness Products Company produces Caramel Color that can add yellows, reddish-browns, browns and blacks for every segment of the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. It is exceptionally stable, tolerates a wide range of physical and chemical environments, good dispersability and has great functionality in extreme pH conditions. Sethness also offers caramelized sugar syrups to sweeten their Caramel Colors.

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