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Aquoat™ Instant Oat Powder

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AquOat™ Instant Oat Powder is one of the plant-based series products of Zymebase Inc, optimally derived from globally selected high-quality oat. AquOat™ instant oat powder has ZERO sugar, NO artificial flavors, and NO sweeteners. It has excellent dispersibility and can evenly disperse in cold/hot water with a smooth taste. In addition, AquOat™ has another version of Gluten-Free and Gluten-Free Organic to meet the different needs of different groups of people. Produced under FFSC criteria and facilities, with a proprietary enzyme technology, AquOat™ oat powder retains the original rich nutrients of oats, such as dietary fibers like β-glucan, etc. Our proprietary enzyme technology fully converts the starch of oats into oligosaccharides and soluble polysaccharides, which is beneficial to health. Levels of sugar portion in AquOat™ series. OAT001 Sugar-Free (10% w/w in water) ≤0.5%, OAT002 Low Sugar (10% w/w in water) ≤5%. Zymebase Inc is a subsidiary of ECA Healthcare which mainly focuses on plant-based ingredients. We've proliferated, backed up by our top-class global scientists, and we independently develop enzymes. We've been focusing on and committed to researching and developing plant-based products. With unique and excellent enzymatic hydrolysis technology, we are the front runner in the industry, providing customers with truly healthy products and professional field applications & solutions which are widely used in food, medicine, and biotechnology.


ECA is a fast-growing company in the development and supply of innovative & natural healthcare ingredients. Through a continuing flow of new and inventive developments, at ECA we are committed to advancing personal health & well-being, and delivering the needs of our consumers. Our vision is to shape the future with innovation that empowers the consumers to manage their own wellbeing. To bring you our vision, we research, we develop, we collaborate and we deliver...

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