Natto NSP-2™- for Cardiovascular Health 

Vesta Nattokinase (Natto NSP-2™) is a potent fibrinolytic enzyme. It is a white/gray pale powder without an odor. Nattokinase is produced by Bacillus subtilis var. Natto isolated from fermented soybeans. It contains high quality Nattokinase. Vesta Nattokinase is highly effective in facilitating the circulation of the blood. NSP-2 is blended with a Maltodextrin carrier. Maltodextrin is well suited for formulating foods and dietary supplement capsules and tablets. This carrier is much more water dispersible than the starch-based product. It creates a soluble solution verses starch which creates a thick paste. NSP-2 is recommended for

applications where the presence of starch and/or lactose is not desired.


Technical Information


Vesta Ingredients can supply a client's requirements for crude materials prepared for transforming and/or produces the items if necessary. They convey the most noteworthy quality probiotics and nutraceuticals. The previous helps the invulnerable framework to create appropriately by securing the body against micro-living beings that could result in malady and supports in the absorption and retention of sustenance and supplements. The last, nutraceuticals, exist in a space in the middle of nourishment and pharmaceuticals and conveys remarkable quality to upgrade a client's wellbeing and prosperity.

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