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MIRTOSELECT® is the most studied bilberry extract in the market. The major applications investigated so far for MIRTOSELECT® are in the realms of vascular health and ophthalmology (retinal health), but animal models and pilot clinical studies suggest a broader clinical profile for anthocyanins, that encompasses memory improvement, cardiovascular health, metabolic syndrome and overweight.

MIRTOSELECT® is a dark red-violet powder and may be utilized in a variety of supplement formulations.

MIRTOSELECT® is the only bilberry extract whose properties have been clinically and pharmacologically demonstrated. The studies have shown: improvement of contrast sensitivity in retinal health, attenuation of free radical damage associated with accommodation in school children, more than 50 positive studies including at least 25 controlled or double-blind studies, have validated the efficacy in vascular health of Indena’s bilberry extract. MIRTOSELECT® is void of any known side effects.


Indena is a leading developer and producer of active principles derived from plants for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Indena produces isolated or semisynthetic pure products, dry extracts, oily and soft extracts, phytosome, and botanical extracts with organoleptic properties. Indena’s products can have excellent health benefits in maintaining blood sugar levels, vascular health, lower body fat and more.

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