FrymaKoruma Frymix II 

FrymaKoruma Frymix II is a vacuum processing unit for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The system is designed to meet the stringent sterile application requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and the high quality emulsion and suspension demands of the cosmetic industry. The Frymix II is especially suited to shear-sensitive products thanks to carefully defined energy introduction and a unique guide cone. The adjustable vacuum system enables the in feed of both liquid and dry raw materials.




Romaco FrymaKoruma manufactures process technology for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. Their product range includes vacuum processing units, mills and inline homogenizers, and vacuum deaerators. Romaco’s machinery helps to formulate exceptional bath products, color pigments, creams, hair care products, lip stick mass, lotions, make-up mascara, shampoo, toothpaste, tube filling and more.

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