Keystone® 9185 

Keystone® 9185 is an all purpose stabilizer emulsifier blend for use in economy ice creams, novelties and premium ice creams. A proprietary blend of guar, xanthan, mono & diglycerides, and carrageenan gum that creates finished products with perfect air cell control and excellent stand-up structure. It provides air cell control up to 120 percent overrun and is synergistic with whey proteins to increase creamy mouth feel. It provides dry, stiff ice cream at low use rates.


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Agropur Ingredients (formerly Main Street Ingredients) supplies the foodservice and food manufacturing industries through their stabilizers systems and protein blends. The stabilizer systems enhance mouthfeel, texture, consistency, shelf life, etc. The protein blends include milk and whey protein concentrates, as well as caseins, isolates, caseinates and alternative proteins like rice, wheat and soy.

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