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Abel & Schafer

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Abel & Schafer is a global provider of a variety of bread, cake/muffin mixes and bases, dough conditioners, sours, additives, and flavors. With highly trained technicians, the company is able to provide excellent customer service, R&D, and technical support for baking and manufacturing. As the demand for healthy, natural, and organic ingredients rises, Abel & Schafer is focused on serving those needs.
Komplet Crème Béchamel Abel & Schafer Komplet Crème Béchamel is a cold set savory crème, which is bake and freezer stable. Komplet Crème Béchamel can be used in combination with ham, spinach, mushrooms and onions.
Komplet Crème D’Amandes Abel & Schafer Komplet Crème D’Amandes is an all-purpose almond crème filling.