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Alkipol 380-50 T

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Alkipol 380-50 T is a medium oil alkyd resin modified with TDI at 50% in xilol-naphta. This product has excellent air drying properties, excellent final film hardness, good water and salt fog resistance and excellent dielectric properties. Alkipol 380-50 T has applications in fast air drying enamels, varnishes for electrical uses, fast air dry corrosion resistant primers and is an air dry modifier for medium oil alkyd resins.


Polidur San Luis is an Argentine company with capital and technology that goes into the manufacture of synthetic resins to meet the needs of the market of paints, varnishes, inks, lacquers and adhesives. Within the wide variety of products manufactured by Polidur San Luis include acrylic resins, alkyds, rosin derivatives, epoxy esters, butylated melamines and ureas, polyamides, saturated polyesters, polyurethanes, polyisocyanates, oligomers monomers and ultra violet light curing.

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