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Butyl Acetate

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Butyl Acetate is a solvent of medium volatility. It is a transparent, colorless liquid, with a characteristic aromatic odor. It is miscible with hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols and ethers, and slightly soluble in water. This product is produced by the direct esterification of acetic acid with butyl alcohol, in the presence of a catalyst. It is ideal for the preparation of nitrocellulose lacquers, varnishes and paint thinners, as well as for the dilution of flexographic inks. It is also used as a nitrocellulose solvent in perfumes, nail polish, nail polish removers, the manufacture of artificial leather, celluloid products, paper, and plastic wood.


Sucroal S.A. is a Colombia-based company, which means it is located in one of the richest environments for growing sugarcane. Sucroal's biotechnology utilizes sustainable natural products with minimal negative impact on the environment. Their products are sold around the world, forming a network of supply to meet customers' needs. The company supplies products for food, coatings, inks, personal care, and cosmetic applications.

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