PanTINT® 90N1504 

PanTINT® 90N1504 is a transparent brown oxide pigment with the color index number PR101 and is a part of the PanTINT® 90 Product Series. It is based on a proprietary combination of surface active agents for exceptionally broad compatibility and stable viscosity for easy use. It has little to no effect on gloss, cure time, resistance to water spotting, or exterior durability. It can be used for both tinting and mass tone applications in most aqueous ambient cured and baking finishes including pressure sensitive adhesives, latex, as well as architectural, aerospace, and maintenance coatings.




PAN Technology, Inc. is committed to providing solutions to all your dispersion needs with the highest quality in timely deliveries, superior laboratory services and responsive customer service and support. In addition to their standard gravure inks and topcoats, they also offer Specialty Acrylic and Nitrocellulose Inks that are available for hot stamp printing applications and for exceptional gloss and transparency on paper, foil and film applications.

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