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MAYCHLOR 1010 is a sulfurized/chlorinated fatty additive, which provides superior extreme pressure characteristics to cutting and grinding fluids. The synergistic effect of sulfur and chlorine on the same fatty molecule allows the formulator to lower the additive treat rate and not rely on matching chemical quantities on a one-to-one basis. MAYCHLOR 1010 yields low odor and exhibits lighter color than conventional sulfur-containing additives. Its low viscosity makes MAYCHLOR 1010 easy to blend and aesthetically pleasing to the machine operators.


Dover Chemical Corporation – Lubricant Additives is a producer of lubricant additives for the Lubricant and Metalworking Fluids industry. This company offers a broad range of water based metalworking fluids, Chlorinated paraffins, and extreme pressure additives for use in lubricant films, neat oils, and semi-synthetic fluids. Most of these products are single components that can be customized into blends.

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