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PEL-AMID™ EWDP is a DEA-free fatty amide designed for incorporation into most water dilutable metalworking products. PEL-AMID™ EWDP, in addition to corrosion inhibition, provides enhanced boundary lubricity and metal wetting characteristics to the finished coolant. In addition, it offers enhanced hard water stability compared to the conventional DEA-containing amides.

It is recommended at levels of 5 - 10% in semi-synthetics and synthetic fluids. Higher levels, from 10 to 20%, are recommended for water soluble drawing compounds. In these applications, PEL-AMID™ EWDP produces elevated viscosity and high film strength when the finished product is inverted with water. At normal ambient temperatures, PEL-AMID™ EWDP is a liquid. At cooler temperatures, gelling or solidification may occur. Gradual warming of the material will return the product to the typical homogeneous fluid appearance.


Ele Corporation is a mid-sized ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals used in Lubricant, Metalworking Fluid and Cleaner formulations. Elé manufactures a wide variety of Metalworking ingredients tailor-made to our customers’ specific needs, including products which are naturally-derived, biodegradable, low-foaming, and DEA-free. We are agile and responsive to customers’ needs, having the ability to manufacture quantities from 1000 kg to 40 metric tons.

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