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Created as an alternative emollient to existing products, cyclomethicone’s chemical structure allows for easy application across the skin while reducing pore entry and skin stickiness. Skin care products delivering dimethicone and essential oils now rely on cyclomethicone for easy application of products. This element differs from other silicones because its silicones have a lower molecular weight that remains unmodified. It also possesses a cyclical structure. These elements make a cosmetic delivery system because of the low heat levels required for vaporization. Silicones in an unmodified state remain on or near the skin’s surface in part because of the molecule’s size, which prevents passage beyond the outer parts of the skin. Cyclomethicone is a completely clear liquid ingredient that gives skin care products the quality of being able to spread easily and smoothly, especially across skin. Its structure is cyclical and has a low molecular weight. Cyclocmethicone’s structure limits its ability to penetrate through the dermis layer, which means the molecules mingle with dry skin before evaporating quickly. It has many uses and is in skin lotions, fragrances, and hair conditioners. Because Cyclomethicone evaporates quickly when applied to the skin, some have experienced skin and eye irritation. However, it is a vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free ingredient, and is deemed safe to use by the FDA in concentrations of less than 10 percent.

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