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Ecolano™ AL-E

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Ecolano™ AL-E is a yellow to brown colored wax in appearance. It is the highly refined unsaponifiable fraction of lanolin, composed of a complex mixture of cholesterol, lanosterol, and their di-hydro derivatives plus straight and branched-chain aliphatic alcohols. Lanolin Alcohol is one of the most efficient w/o, non-ionic emulsifying agents, and increases the water-absorbing capacity of hydrocarbon mixtures to a greater degree than any other high molecular weight alcohol.

Ecolano™ AL-E is the alcohol grade rich in cholesterols. Because of its high cholesterol content, it has very high water retention and emulsification properties compared to other higher alcohols, and its less stickiness than lanolin provides a good consistency and fine texture when used in O/W type emulsions.

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Alcohols, lanolin (8027-33-6) Sign in to view

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Alcohols, lanolin (8027-33-6)
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Nippon Fine Chemical focuses on three types of raw ingredients for cosmetics – “Active ingredients”, “Functional esters” and “Lipid complex”. As a pioneer in these fields, we will contribute to society by offering cosmetics made from those ingredients.

As a leader in the production of lanolin and cholesterols, we are committed to developing environmentally-friendly and sustainable high quality lanolin/cholesterol derivatives that are easy on humans and sheep alike.

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