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GreenGard™ PA12

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GreenGard™ PA12 is a natural chelating agent that guards against oxidation and inactivates metal ions by forming a biodegradable complex. The impact of metal ions on cosmetic products is important to the formulator in order to avoid catalytic oxidation processes accompanied by degredation of the product and potential discoloration. In addition, heavy metals can affect the foaming ability of surfactants or the stability and consistency of emulsions.

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Name (CAS Number)
myo-Inositol, hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate), sodium salt (14306-25-3) Sign in to view

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Name (CAS Number)
myo-Inositol, hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate), sodium salt (14306-25-3)
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Green Line is dedicated to supplying superior, quality ingredients, developed by formulators for formulators, to meet the ongoing performance and marketing needs of the natural customer. We are happy to offer innovative active ingredients, high-performance emulsifiers, natural antioxidants and multifunctional ingredients along with our robust list of botanical extracts. We take pride in providing rapid turnaround times, responsive customer support and most importantly, our dedication to sustainable sourcing.

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