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Polygel® CA is a synthetic polymer well known and widely used in the cosmetic industry as a thickener and suspending agent because of its safety and versatility. Polygel® CA dispersions are characterized by high viscosity and clarity (see Fig. 1 and 2). Therefore it is very suitable for formulating sparkling and clear gels as well as for stabilizing emulsions. Normal use level is between 0.1 and 1.5%, depending on the type of formulation and final desired viscosity.



3V Group is a leader in the manufacturing of Cosmetic Industry chemicals that are well-known for their performance and premium quality. They have a wide range of products such as Synthetic Polymers (POLYGEL© and SYNTHALEN©), Preservatives and Antibacterials (ABIOL©), Conditioning Polymers (CONDITIONER©) and UV-filters (UVASORB©). They have continually been able to meet demanding requirements and new market demands by applying their experience and unique integration.

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CAS Name (Number) & Document Compliance
Acrylic acid-sucrose polyallyl ether polymer (9007-16-3) Log in
Acrylic resin (9003-01-4) Log in
carbomer (76050-42-5) Log in
Carbomer 940 (9007-17-4) Log in
CARBOMER 941 (9062-04-8) Log in
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