ISOFOL® 20 is a biodegradable synthetic or vegetable alcohol with high thermal stability. This clear, colorless highly polar, light emollient has a good pigment wetting effect with gloss enhancing and solvency properties. It has a dry, very pleasant skin feel, helps reduce tackiness and is a medium spreading emollient. It is stable in moderate acidic to moderate alkaline mediums. This product is compatible with silicones, lipophilic cosmetic ingredients and UV filters in a wide pH range. It is typically used in lipsticks and lip balms, but can also be used in other products such as eye shadows, rouges and foundations.


Performance Chemicals has 33 locations in 18 countries. Our business consists of four key business divisions: Organics, Inorganics, Wax and PCASG (Phenolics, Carbon, Ammonia and Specialty Gases). We market a broad portfolio of organic and inorganic commodity and specialty chemicals as well as high quality wax products and specialty gases, for a wide range of applications in the industry.


Sasol Performance Chemicals

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