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W/O Clear Treatment Gel (Formulation #SC-233A)

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W/O Clear Treatment Gel (Formulation #SC-233A) demonstrates a W/O clear emulsion using KSG-210 as the emulsifier. The clear appearance is achieved by matching the refractive indices of the oil phase and the water phase. Viscosity of the product can be adjusted by the amount of USG-107A. The addition of KF-56A, KF-8020, and KSP-100 improves the sensory effects of the gel.


Shin-Etsu Silicones of America produces high-quality silicones for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. Shin-Etsu offers linear type and branched type of polyether-modified silicones and branched and cross-polymer type of polyglycerin-modified silicones. These have a diverse range of applications including hair care, face care, makeup, creams, lotions, hair sprays, shaving creams and more.

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