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Amino Pro-Aging Eye Serum (Formulation #ASC-34-6-6)

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This serum formula is has anti-aging properties, and is packed with the benefits of amino acids. Amisoft HS-11P used is the primary emulsifier in this formula, and has a wide HLB range. Prodew 600 is an amino acid cocktail that mimics the amino acid blend present in the NMF of the skin. Prodew 600 has proven benefits of reducing wrinkles on the skin. Ajidew ZN-100 has anti-aging property, sebum control property and preservative boosting property. Eldew APS-307 is an amino acid based emollient with a very high moisture holding capacity. It has a non-greasy, non-tacky sensory feel along with excellent moisturization. Ajidew NL-50 helps in skin moisturization. It also helps in treating dark spots and under-eye dark circles. Amihope LL imparts excellent moisturization, excellent ‘slip’, and reduces tacky sensory feel, along with imparting long lasting effect.


Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of amino-acid based specialty chemicals. To broaden their lines of value-added merchandise they implement inventive techniques incorporating amino acids to support future cosmetic and toiletry products. One such product, AMISOFT® is the world’s first mild amino acid-based surfactant. It is highly biodegradable and safe for human use. This product enhances formulations for bar soaps, shampoos and facial cleansers.

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