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Ceraphyl™ 368M ester

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    Ethylhexyl Palmitate

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Ceraphyl™ 368M ester is used to impart richness on the skin and a mild feel during rubout. It is ideal for many personal care products ranging from sun care lines to color cosmetics. As a replacement for mineral oil, this product is also often paired with other emollients to achieve multiple benefits. It delivers a more lavish feel than isopropyl myristate.

For sun care products, Ceraphyl 368M ester provides stability in formulations because it maintains the absorbance curve of active sunscreen ingredients. Non-occlusive, it can be used to impart a silky feel in various creams, lotions and other moisturizing products. In color cosmetics, Ceraphyl 368M ester is an effective binder for pressed powders.

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Name (CAS Number)
Hexadecanoic acid, 2-ethylhexyl ester (29806-73-3) Sign in to view

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Name (CAS Number)
Hexadecanoic acid, 2-ethylhexyl ester (29806-73-3)
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Who responsibly solves for planet-positive beauty? We do.

Natural, nature-derived and biodegradable. This is the foundation for Ashland’s personal care ingredients portfolio because environment, social and governance (ESG), is integrated into everything we do. Our market leading, conscious beauty innovations help ensure our customers meet consumers’ desires for high-performing personal care products aligned with environmentally-friendly and socially responsible principles while still being enjoyable in use. Contact our solvers to learn how we can help you create skin care creams and lotions with more alluring textures using nature-derived thickeners, incorporate sustainable film formers for water resistance in sun care products and cosmetics, effectively protect your formulations from microbial contamination, and discover nature-derived conditioning and styling agents for more natural hair care products, while harnessing the power of nature to find new biofunctional ingredients to help fight the signs of aging and the negative effects that pollution can have on skin and hair. Our research and development teams want to collaborate with you on solutions and products that make the world a more planet-positive, beautiful place.

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