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    PEG-30 Castor Oil

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ALKEST® CSO 300 is a non-ionic surfactant, whose hydrophobic portion comes from castor oil and the hydrophilic portion, from the ethylene oxide chain. By increasing the degree of ethoxylation, the hydrophilic character of the molecule is increased (higher HLB), which represents increasing water solubility, cloud points and pour points. Oxiteno offers a wide range of castor oil ethoxylates for use as emulsifiers, antistatic agents, lubricants and solubilizers in various markets and product applications. This product is 49% renewable carbon and has an HLB value of 11.7.

ALKEST® CSO products are excellent emulsifiers for pine oil and are compatible with ationic biocides, e.g. benzalkonium chloride. They can provide a blooming effect when a formulation is diluted at use and are recommended for clear pine oil-based disinfectants and cleaners. ALKEST® CSO can also act as emulsifiers, solubilizers, emollients, dispersing agents and humectants in formulations of creams, lotions, masks, bases, sun protection products, and in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Castor oil, ethoxylated (61791-12-6) Sign in to view

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Castor oil, ethoxylated (61791-12-6)
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Guided by innovation and sustainability, Oxiteno is a Brazilian chemical company that operates worldwide, leading manufacturer of surfactants and specialty chemicals. Present in nine countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Oxiteno has 12 industrial units located in Brazil, United States, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela and sales offices in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, United States, Mexico Uruguay and Venezuela.

We are committed to working in the cosmetic and personal care industry to promote the well-being and beauty of people, and to fulfill the needs of society and consumers by providing products that are efficient while respecting human health and the environment. We monitor market trends and to provide innovative solutions. We support our customers with a highly qualified technical staff to develop products and technologies for a Personal Care market that is constantly evolving.

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