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Milky Lotion Fondant SPF50+ [Expected] Sunscreen EU (Formulation #14748-37)

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This Milky Lotion Fondant SPF50+ Sunscreen has powerful sunscreen protection while still being lightweight. The DERMACRYL® E polymer provides excellent water and rub-off resistance as well as exceptional sprayability in this emulsion-based formulation. Derived from potato STRUCTURE® SOLANACE starch performs as a rheology modifier, providing thickening properties and emulsion stabilization while leaving excellent, long lasting after feel. DRY-FLO® TS starch is an aluminum-free, non-GMO modified tapioca aesthetic modifier that is ideal for oily formulations.


Nouryon is a major producer of specialty chemicals supplying industries with innovative and sustainable products worldwide. Their technologies and expertise deliver the essential functionalities you need to create the finest personal care products. Their range of aesthetic modifiers, conditioning agents, rheology modifiers, film-formers, cleansing agents, emulsifiers and active ingredients provide you with easy-to-use solutions for formulating innovative and more sustainable products. They strive to help you set the standard for performance and consumer appeal.

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