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Everyday Indulgence Body Wash (Formulation #PC-1091)

Solvay Novecare makes their documentation available in the regions indicated below:

This creamy, flowable, high foaming body wash features Miracare® SLB-205/N, the Structured Surfactant Liquid technology, with Mackamide® CPA that create an indulging, lotion-like texture. The Jaguar® C-17 technology delivers the moisturizing Oils to the skin in this cost effective formulation.


Solvay Novecare supplies surfactants, hair care ingredients, rheology and preservatives for Personal Care and Cosmetics. Solvay offers alkyl and alkyl ether sulfates, sulfonates, sulfosuccinates, betaines, sultaines, amphoterics, alkanolamides, amine oxides, mild nonionics, stearates, pearlizers, opacifers, performance concentrates, amido amides, cationic surfactants, conditioner concentrates, proteins and polymers.

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