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White Cloud® 30 LITHOPONE


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White Cloud® 30 LITHOPONE, in the form of a white powder, is a zinc sulfide opacifying pigment extender of titanium dioxide. This product can be used in high or medium grades of paints and coatings. It is compatible with all water-based or solvent-borne UV, EB and thermoset systems for paints, coatings, and inks from primers to finish coats. It offers fineness and good dispersibility in a co-crystalline particle with a high light-scattering and refractive index.


Sino-American Pigment Systems, Inc. is a technical sales, marketing, and product development organization with the world rights to market the patented Safe Yellow Product line. Sino American is also involved with the production facility in China for co-developing new products.

The present target markets are focused on inks, industrial coatings, powder coatings by replacing expensive organic pigments with our inorganic core product - Safe Yellow IC. In all of these applications, the unique features of the pigmenet technology in safe yellow provides not only cost savings, but definite rheological benefits as well. Lower viscosity is one of the primary benefits of Safe Yellow products, which enables higher pigment loading, improved flow and increased gloss.

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