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Creamy/Liquid Shoe Wax (Formulation #HC/FC/19)

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Formulation HC/FC/19 is a buff coloured, low viscosity, creamy emulsion which can rapidly clean and polish shoes on application. Tween™ 85 is an effective oil in water emulsifier allowing the emulsification of waxes and silicone fluid. This formulation can be easily applied via a plastic squeeze bottle fitted with a sponge applicator.


Croda is a world leader in providing natural specialty ingredients for household, Industrial/Institutional and non-wovens products. Their environmentally friendly product portfolio includes anionic surfactants, emulsifiers, emollients, and lubricants. These products offer benefits from advanced rheology control, fragrance management, powerful wetting, dispersing and foaming performance, to gentle cleaning and skin mildness.

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