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LEVENOL® F-200 is part of a new generation of readily biodegradable non-ionic surfactants of vegetable origin with a low eco-toxicological profile that can be used in detergent compositions and household products. The relative medium foaming power of LEVENOL® F-200 allows for reduced content of foam controllers in the final detergent and the performance (detergent power) of LEVENOL® F-200 in most formulations can be considered similar or even better than standard non-ionic surfactants. This product can be used as an emulsifier, extracts and fragrances solubilizer, or as a detergent.

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Name (CAS Number)
Glycerides, coco mono- and di-, ethoxylated (68201-46-7) Sign in to view

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Name (CAS Number)
Glycerides, coco mono- and di-, ethoxylated (68201-46-7)
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Kao Chemicals Europe, S.L. is a global supplier that manufactures basic chemical components used in the Household, Industrial and Institutional Cleaners industry. This company offers surfactants and general degreasing formulations for use in car care, cleaning products, industrial degreasers, detergents, kitchen cleaners, and bleaches. Featured products include AKYPO® LF2, BETADET® HR, and TETRANYL® L6/90.

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