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Conventional Dimer Acid HJ-136


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Conventional Dimer Acid HJ-136 is a product that has a high purity level and is also non-toxic. This compound is created from 18 carbon unsaturated acids via intermolecular forces. Dimer acid has stable performance and is also non-volatile, has a high flash point and fire point, good liquidity. It also does not freeze in low temperatures and it is soluble in most organic solvents.This product is used as a component to make hot-melt adhesives.


Shandong Huijin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a chemical researching, developing and manufacturing enterprise. They are one of the leading manufacturers of dimer acid, polyamide resin, hot-melt adhesive, reactive polyamide resin and monomer acid in China. Shandong Huijin offers a variety of products including products that can best be used in adhesive for flooring, crack injection systems, exposed aggregate wall matrix and wet lay up laminates for the adhesive and sealants industry.

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