Prospector para Materiales y Ingredientes

Prospector para Materiales y Ingredientes

Prospector® is a powerful search engine for the materials and ingredients industries, providing members with exclusive access to continuously updated product information and in-depth technical support from the world's leading suppliers of raw material ingredients.

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Materials and Ingredients

Core Features

Includes unlimited access to comprehensive product profiles.

Materials and Ingredients

Tools to Get the Job Done

  • Encuentre materiales rápidamente
  • Contact Supplier for Pricing and Technical Help
  • Powerful Searches to Find Answers Fast! Check out the list below!
  • Bookmark Products
  • Save Searches
  • Multilingual

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Many Ways to Search

Adhesivos y Selladores Alimentos, Bebidas y Nutrición Artes Gráficas y Tintas de Impresión Household, Industrial &
Institutional Cleaners
Lubricant &
Metalworking Fluids
Pinturas y Revestimientos Cuidado Personal y Cosméticos
Chemical Class
Raw Materials
Equipment & Services
Información de la industria
Professional Tools
INCI Search
Regulatory Assessment Information

"With Prospector, I have a better tool to efficiently streamline my quest for raw materials! In addition of having all the necessary information at hand without endlessly surfing the net, I value the fast response to my sample inquiries."

- Renate Hippen, Product Development Chemist, Becker Underwood

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