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VerdeCoat® WB-10


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VerdeCoat® WB-10 is a water, grease and moisture vapor barrier coating for paper, paper board and molded fiber food service packaging applications. It may be applied by rod, roll and flexo gravure coating methods. It can be sprayed using air or airless systems. The coated film can be dried in conventional drying systems with hot air or IR equipment. Minimum drying and curing temperature is 125 °C. Drying and curing times will depend on manufacturing line speed and drying process equipment.


Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc. has been at the forefront in developing superior edible coatings and specialty products for the pharmaceutical, confectionery, agricultural, food and industrial industries for decades. Since our company was founded over 100 years ago, we have been delivering unparalleled results to our clients for all of their coating and custom product development needs.

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