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2-Octanol 99%


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2-Octanol 99% is an aromatic, colorless, transparent liquid. It is a possible alternative for the petrochemical 2-ethylhexanol in plasticizers. It is used as a frother for mineral flotation, a flow aid, a defoaming agent in paper production, a solvent for fats and waxes, and to produce intermediates for perfumes and artificial flavors.

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2-Octanol (123-96-6) Sign in to view

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2-Octanol (123-96-6)
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With a 75-year history of innovation and growth, Acme-Hardesty has evolved into a leading distributor of bio-based products and specialty ingredients for the Personal Care industry. Our dedicated personal care team offers formulations expertise paired with a rapidly growing product portfolio, allowing us to partner with our customers and develop innovative solutions to their formulation challenges. From hair care to skin care and everything in between, the ingredients Acme-Hardesty provides are essential for manufacturing quality personal care products.

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