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AMP-95® is a multifunctional neutralizer containing 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol and 5% added water. Key attributes include neutralization, dispersancy, pH buffering, non-yellowing, stability, formulation optimization, alkaline pH development and corrosion control, offering inumerous benefits throughout the life cycle of a latex paint compared to regular pH neutralizers, such as ammonia, MEA, NaOH and also branded amines. In addition, AMP is the only US EPA VOC-exempt amine . This product is recommended for a wide range of applications, such as Architectural and Industrial Coatings, Emulsion Polymerization, Inks, Adhesives and Solvent-borne alkyds.


ANGUS Chemical Company (“ANGUS") is a company dedicated to the development of unique molecules that help customers to achieve better products and processes performance. ANGUS is committed to continuously improve its products and services, by mastering science and technology. The company’s innovations follow its exclusive nitroalkane-based route, ensuring the production of multifunctional additives for several applications, improving the performance of its products and processes, shortening reaction stages, and lowering syntheses costs. In Latin America, our performance is outstanding in the paints and coatings, personal care, and metalworking fluids markets.

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