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ISOFOL 12 Guerbet Alcohol is a clear, colorless liquid with the chemical name 2-Butyloctanol. It is an alcohol derived from the Guerbet process and may be used as a coupling agent and humectant in water soluble metalworking formulations and as a replacement for glycols. This product may also be used as a starting material for synthesis of esters with features such as low pour point and high hydrolytic stability. In addition, ISOFOL 12 can also be used as a feedstock for ethoxylated compounds with excellent low temperature stability along with good wetting and emulsifying properties. ISOFOL Guerbet Alcohols Key Properties: - 100% C2-branching with one isomer - Oxidative and colour stability - High boiling point - Low pour point - Low melting point - Excellent low temperature properties - Excellent biodegradability


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