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Indopol® H-6000

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Indopol® H-6000 is a uniquely versatile liquid polybutene polymer. Indopol polybutenes (polyisobutene, PB, PIB) are available in a wide range of viscosity grades. This grade is a semi-solid material. All grades are clear/colorless, hydrophobic, non-drying, inherently tacky and compatible with a wide range of organic materials.


INEOS Oligomers is the world's largest merchant supplier of polyalphaolefins (PAO), under the trade name Durasyn® and a leading global supplier of polybutenes (polyisobutene, PB, PIB), under the trade name Indopol®. Durasyn PAOs & Indopol PIBs are NSF H1, HX-1 compliant and Kosher certified with multiple FDA clearances. PAOs are used to formulate motor oils and other high-performance lubricants in demanding applications and are excellent substitutes (or upgrades) for mineral oils. PIBs are widely used in many automotive & industrial oil applications replacing bright stocks & mineral oils. Used as basestocks or thickeners, these synthetic products can provide performance benefits in gear oils, food grade greases, marine, hydraulic & compressor oils, metal working fluids, two stroke oils and others.

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