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Ion Exchange Resins - Food Sweeteners / Oleochemicals / Chemicals


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Resinex has a dedicated food grade product line to support breweries, producers of juice, wine and spirits, and any other bottled consumable liquids. Ion exchange resins from Resinex are highly effective in the areas of water filtration, decolourisation, deashing/demineralisation, fractionation, as well as taste and odour removal. Resinex products are designed for this use in the following areas: beet sugar, corn sugar, cane sugar, purification, chromatography, raw water and demineralisation.


Jacobi Group was founded in 1916 by Ferdinand Adolph Wilhelm Jacobi, today it is made up of three core business units (activated carbons, ion exchange resins and mobile filter units) to serve a wide range of customer needs. With manufacturing facilities and sales offices around the world, the group has around 1800 employees and continues to expand the applications and industries it serves with its products and services. In 2014 the group was acquired by Japanese company Osaka Gas Chemicals Co. Ltd. This led to a new era in innovation and increased R&D activities alongside the technical experts at Osaka Gas in Japan.

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