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SONGNOX® 1290 

SONGNOX® 1290 is a primary antioxidant for organic polymers. It provides long term heat stability - protects physical properties during storage and use of end-product. SONGNOX® 1290 is highly effective in plastics including crystal and high impact Polystyrene, ABS terpolymer, PVC, Polyamides, Polyurethanes, Elastomers, Adhesives, Rubbers such as EPDM, SBS and rubber blends with Polyolefins, and natural and synthetic tackifier resins.


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Songwon International AG is a major manufacturer of polymer stabilizers. By anticipating, understanding, and satisfying the needs of customers, the company has achieved sustainable and profitable growth. Their product range includes antioxidants, binary blends, thioesters, hindered amine light stabilizers, UV absorbers, and hydroxybenzoates, which can be supplied in powder or granular form.

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