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Deuteron LE 100 LV Antistatic Agent

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Deuteron LE 100 LV is an antistatic agent with an active content of 100%. It is free of solvents and of low viscosity. It is characterized by ease of handling. Deuteron LE 100 LV can be processed at room temperature and below without melting or producing a master batch. That is why the product is particularly suitable for solvent free systems. Deuteron LE 100 LV can be used in many applications including epoxy flooring, PUR-foams (the production of shoe-soles for example), UV or electron-beam curing screen inks to avoid electrostatic charge, and 3D printing. Deuteron LE 100 LV has a cationic character and an extremely high polarity. This allows for considerable reduction in electrical resistance even when using small quatities.


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